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In the current environment of an uncertain local economy, with the reduction in discretionary income, timidity of investors and heightened competition, it is essential that  hospitality operations such as yours develop and execute appropriate strategies to better manage costs and thus enhance profitability.
With this in mind, Caribbean hospitality consultant Ms. Lisa Beckles developed the "Introduction to Purchasing & Cost Control" programme.  She would be hosting this programme from August 25th to August 27th at the Fort Young Hotel.
The training will consist of six (6) modules, over a three (3) day period.  The modules are as follows:
1.         The Right Supplier….my perfect fit
2.         Controlling
3.         Basic Income Statements
4.         Recipe Costing
5.         Labour Cost Control
6.         Cost Reduction  Strategies
By the end of the programme, participants are expected to;
1.         Understand what the different ways of procuring items are.
2.         Understand the importance of specifications and be able to develop basic ones for their areas.
3.         Develop basic control systems in their operations.
4.         Explain what an income statement is, inclusive of main sections.
5.         Be able to cost standard recipes for the operation.
6.         Be able to develop productivity standards for their Departments
7.         Be able to develop simple cost reduction programmes in their Departments
The cost of this readily understood and highly practical programme is US$200.  Registration is required and you may contact me at 1-868-757-2324 or 330-0614 for registration and other information.
Looking forward to your participation.
Lisa Beckles
Hospitality Consultant



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